Healing and Miracles Nov. 6,7,8 in Zurich Switzerland!!

1st Annual Healing and Miracles Conference November 6, 7, 8  2020!!!


Is Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever??? Is HE still Healing the sick, raising the Dead, making the Blind see, the Deaf hear, and the crippled walk??? The answer is YES!!! Come be a part of a Powerful Healing Conference  November 6, 7, 8  2020where Healing Ministries from all around the World will be coming to!!! Come witness for yourself the Healing Power of JESUS!!!

Saara Taina the Dance/Arts Pastor for Bethel Church/BSSM in Redding CA is coming to Augsburg with a Team of Dancers/Flaggers from BSSM to the Healing Conferance in April to release the Healing Power of Jesus through Holy Spirit Dance and Intercession!!! She will also be doing a Healing Impartation Dance Workshop on Saturday and Sunday at the conferance! You dont want to miss it!!!!