Who We Are:

Europe Ablaze is a MOVEMENT to bring a Healing Renaissance REVIVAL back to Europe with SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES, and HEALINGS and spread the Gospel of Jesus all around the world!!! To network and connect and bring UNITY and REVIVAL back to Christianity in Europe and around the World!!!


So for those who have a heart for EUROPE and a passion to TRAVEL and MINISTER and see Churches, Cathedrals, Institutions, Businesses, Hotels, Hostels, Train Stations in Europe/Mediterranean/Israel catch ABLAZE with REVIVAL FIRE, HEALING, LOVE, JOY, and FREEDOM being released throughout EUROPE then this ministry is for YOU!!!


We will be revisiting the countries of Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and where ever else the HOLY SPIRIT leads us and maybe Greece and Cyprus before going back to Jerusalem for the Feasts of Tabernacles!!!(Jewish New Year) ministering at Churches and cities we visited last year!!


We will be revisiting the ANCIENT WELLS of REVIVAL I went to last summer at the Moravians Church in Germany, Huguenots in the French Alps,and the MIRACLES and GLORY that fell at the Churches and cities we ministered at! So if YOU want to help me minister at churches,cathedrals, train stations, airports, hotels, hostels, and travel throughout Europe/Mediterranean/Israel on a PROPHETIC PILGRIMAGE that ends in JERUSALEM for the High Holy Feasts then send me an email. It will take your FAITH to whole NEW REALMS like it did mine!!!


It will be full of GLORY, POWER, LOVE, TRAVEL, and ADVENTURE!!! You don’t have to stay home this summer so come do ministry with us in Europe/Mediterranean/Israel!!! Blessings!!!  Mathew 28:18-20